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The Entomological Society of Saskatchewan and the Entomological Society of Canada take pleasure in inviting you to the 2014 Joint Annual Meeting in Saskatoon. The conference will take place from Sunday, September 28 to Wednesday noon, October 1, 2014, and includes a range of symposia and associated events

Program Highlights

  • Plenary Symposium and Heritage Lecture: The plenary symposium is designed to provide a provocative overview of the challenges related to entomology in a changing world. A keynote presentation will be by Professor Barry Pittendrigh of the University of Illinois on Scientific Animations without Borders - the making available of scientific knowledge to low-literate learners
  • Graduate Student Showcase
  • Biological Control in a Changing World
  • Insect “omics”-Impact on Insect Management
  • The Changing Face of Urban Entomology
  • Student paper and poster competitions
  • Regular paper and poster sessions
  • Student lunch-time workshop – tentative